Dubai’s Criminal Justice System

“It’s no specific than we have been in America one hundred years in the past, proper after or at some stage in the end of the Victorian era,” stated Hamden. “Even although we’re seeing globalization, within the city that has described globalization; we’re nevertheless seeing a value system that still looks like new Victorians” (qtd. In “They destroyed me”, 2008). Victorian technology is the period from 1837 to 1901. This is how Dr. Raymond Hamden, a Lebanese-American psychiatrist who works in the Dubai courts describes Dubai’s crook justice system. He similarly said that although it has embraced modernization with high upward push buildings and very rich economic system, its crook justice machine remains an evolving one.

In criminal court docket, the identical protection earlier than the regulation does no longer commonly make bigger to foreigners. The excellent economic increase of Dubai is thoroughly dependent on tens of millions of expatriates attractive actively from corporate economic executives right down to production and home jobs. Emiratis, representing handiest 10% of the total residents aren’t enough to satisfy the demands of a “double-digit monetary increase” goaded by means of foreign investments, so even the court personnel and attorneys are foreigners.

Dubai boasts of its company criminal system as truthful and protective of foreign buyers. Lawyers, but deny this fact. In Dubai, the crime of rape is termed “forced homosexuality” as UAE law does now not well known assault and rape of men. HIV and homosexuality are taboos and held in mystery on this bustling monetary center. These, bring about rampant harassment of gays and foreigners. Those discovered to be homosexuals and inflamed with HIV are denied health care blessings, quarantined and subjected to deportation proceedings.

According to a Western Diplomat who’s familiar with the judicial gadget, equality exists handiest in principle, not in exercise. It might also have strived very difficult to earn a great reputation in delivering fair and speedy inclinations of commercials claims, but, it’s far nevertheless suffering to stability a penal code deeply rooted in traditional Islamic and Arabic subculture to the damage and prejudice of overwhelming foreign citizens who’re in large part noncitizens.

In Dubai, flogging is not a practice. Generally the government observes the Constitutional prohibition on arbitrary arrest and detention. However, in touchy criminal instances, incommunicado detention is allowed in order not to imperil the research. There have been lawsuits from diplomatic missions that they had been not notified when their citizens have been arrested and detained.

Accused can be wondered for days or maybe weeks with out the assistance of criminal suggest because a defendant can only avail of the offerings of a lawyer after police investigation has been terminated. Acquittal is based totally on “without the slightest doubt of guilt” In other jurisdiction, conviction is based totally on “guilt beyond affordable doubt.”

In cases related to killings, bails are allowed after payment of reimbursement referred to as “blood cash” to the own family of the victim. There isn’t any formal gadget of bail. Temporary launch of detainees are made best upon deposit of cash or passport or thru personal guarantee of a person signed in a assertion.

It cannot be denied that the Criminal Justice System in Dubai and other United Arab Emirates can’t or may not cope up with the converting times. Dubai’s legal gadget stays a precarious challenged in terms of homosexuality and prison safety of foreigners no matter its fame as the Arab world’s perfection of modernism and riches.

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