Cleaning Tools That Are a Must-Have for Any Home

If you have just moved to a new home, you will want to upgrade your inventory of cleaning tools, to meet any cleaning needs. Alternatively, if you have been in the same property for some time now, you will want to inspect your cleaning gear to see if it is up to standard for any cleaning challenge. There are some cleaning tools that no home should ever be without, or else doing chores there will be hard or nearly impossible. Consider this list and acquire every item on it:บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า-pod-system

A decent sponge – sponges come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Having a classic one around is suitable for those accidental spills around the kitchen and other areas of your home. A sponge with an abrasive side is even better, as it packs more cleaning power. Sponge cloths are an excellent hybrid tool, which you may want to try out. They serve both as sponges and as towels. Silicone sponges are long-lasting and durable. Know that you can further boost the life of sponges by microwaving them for a few minutes every now and then to kill the accumulated germs.

White towels – keeping white towels on hand is always a good idea. Some stores offer these in packs of few, so they are very easy to come by. They are handy to have, as you will quickly know when you need to clean them. There is no need to worry about using bleach on them to disinfect them.

A squeegee – this is a must-have for keeping the shower area free of mould and mildew. Whenever you take a shower, simply use it to remove the accumulated moisture there. You can use a squeegee to clean windows as part of your cleaning routine.

A toothbrush – believe it or not, a toothbrush is quite handy to have for cleaning purposes. It is small enough to get around taps and faucets with ease. You can clean small items with one. You can further use one to shine the sink rim and grout lines in the bathroom.

A vacuum cleaner – simply put, there is no way to clean a carpet efficiently without a vacuum cleaner. Of course, vacuum cleaners are not just useful for carpets, but all sorts of floors. Thanks to certain attachments, you can also clean upholstered surfaces. As you can see, having such a useful tool at home is really nice.

Scrub brush – when a sponge or a cloth doesn’t cut it, you can use a scrub brush. You can use it on tiled surfaces, fixtures and tubs to remedy tough stains.
Spray bottle – are you keen on trying out your own DIY cleaning recipes? To mix these up, you will need a nice spray bottle. Pour the ingredients of a cleaning recipe inside and then mix well.